Thursday, July 8, 2010

Faulty Management Education is Responsible for the Financial Crises

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The different management theories which the companies and B-schools used to swear by have fell flat in the real world. Companies  are also looking for talent from varied fields and not just going on a spree of hiring prodigies from leading Business schools. In fact experts from the field believe that the way management is taught is partly responsible for the ensuing financial crisis.  The management education should focus more on real and future market situation than on the bookish knowledge. The teachers who teach the management some times dont have any real market's practical experience. So a real mixture of theory and practical with well balanced training of teachers are also a must. Now it is time to overhaul the management education, upgrade the syllabus and train the teachers so as to bring out a healthy combination of the hard and soft skills for well rounded development of managers?.Hope the management education planners will realise the importance and take serious steps so the financial crises can be avoided in future.
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