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Law Faculty AMU Aligarh, Organizing National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Present Economics Perspective

Subject: National Seminar on Changing Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights    in Present Economics Perspective [Feb.6-7, 2010] 

Since the topic is very thematic and timely, I hope you will be interested in the deliberation of this seminar. I hope you will contribute a paper on the theme of seminar and participate. Your participation will go a long way to make the seminar not only successful but a memorable one. 


The Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh is one of the most reputed and prestigious academic institutions in the globe. Situated in western Uttar Pradesh, it is at a distance of 130 km southeast of Delhi on the Delhi-Howrah rail route and the Grand Trunk Road. The longitude and latitude of Aligarh city are 79˚ 40' E and 27˚ 30' N respectively. The Aligarh Muslim University, a premier Central University with several faculties and maintained institutions, was established in 1920 by an Act of Parliament. It draws students from all corners of the country as well as from foreign countries, especially Africa, West Asia and Southeast Asia. It is well acclaimed for its rich heritage, culture, best traditions, secular credentials and ethos of Indian civilization. 

The faculty of Law, A.M.U is one of the oldest and well reputed faculties in India which was established in 1891 and has produced innumerable legal icons serving the nation. Popularly it is known as mother faculty because many well known law faculties in India are headed by its illustrious ex- students. The students of this faculty are rendering excellent services, both in bar as well as benches through out the nation. The faculty of Law has already introduced many new specialized subjects like Cyber Laws. Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights, Women and laws, Environmental Laws and Clinical Legal education etc. 

The Faculty of Law, A.M.U has been successfully pursuing higher academic excellence. The faculty of law Journal entitled Aligarh Law Journal is being regularly issued with numerous researches oriented articles of the eminent personalities. Monographs and text books publication is a regular feature of the faculty. Appreciating the performance of the faculty of law, Dr. Ambedkar Chair of Legal Studies and Research has been given to it which is performing excellently. One Journal Quest for Justice and various books are being regularly published by this chair also. The faculty of law has a unique distinction in arranging large number of extra mural lectures, debates, quiz, Moot Court competitions, mock trials etc. More over at the national level, the students of the faculty have been regularly participating in various competitions, thus bringing laurels to the faculty. At the level of pedagogy, the method has lost its primacy; the emphasis today is more upon interactive learning through discussions, seminars, presentations, tutorial work etc. apart from study through case laws method.


A spurt of interest about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has been visible in the country for the almost last 15 years. The recent interest started with a curiosity and an element of apprehension but now graduated to a need based compulsion and desire to introspect into the changing dimension of IPR in present economic perspective. The newly industrialized countries (NICS) gave enough vent to this concern and aimed at not only to set new rules on IPR but also to ensure that they are enforced equitably. The mandate of Trade Related aspects of Intellectual property Agreement (TRIPS) including Trade in Counterfeiting Goods (TCG) in Punta Del EST Declaration in unmistakable term enunciates to reduce the distortion and impediments to international trade by taking into account effective and adequate protection of IPR. It was also enjoined that the 'the measures and procedures for  enforcement of IPR should not become barriers to World Trade Organization (WTO) and promulgation of TRIPS Agreement however have become more susceptible to infringement without adequate return to the creators of the knowledge. The Stakes of developer of technology in new economic perspective have become very high and hence the need to protect knowledge from unlawful use has become expedient to ensure globalization research and development (R&D) to ensure recovery and profit in globalized melt down economy. The globalization, multi- lateral trade and new economic order are continuously reducing the geographical barriers rendering the global trade very complex.  


It is under this background, changing dimension of IPR in present economic perspective become important parameters influencing trade environment and development. The IP rights in such scenario require serious engagement in view of rapidly changing technology, product life cycle and trade competitiveness. This second generation reform of Indian IP Laws poised scholars to recommend changes in the context of globalized challenges and opportunities.

The two day national seminar on Changing Dimensions of IPR in Present Economic Prospective therefore, is timely and thematic for deliberation on the following thrust areas for meaningful deliberation and recommendation of strategies for IP management and legislative reforms. 

                                    I.        Impact of WTO and IPR Realization.

                                 II.        Enforcement of TRIPS Agreement.

                               III.        Patent Laws, Indian Innovations and Licensing Policies.

                              IV.        Challenges of Copyright and cyberspace.

                                 V.        Traditional knowledge and management in Plant variety, Geographical Indication on food and Biodiversity and Its impact.

                              VI.        Emergence of Designs and Trade mark laws.

                            VII.        Trade secret and Competitive law in liberalized economy.

Participation and Registration

The Seminar is aimed at capacity building in IPR teaching and research at academic and technical Institutions, government organization, research and development sector, non-governmental organization and professionals. The National Seminar aims to bring together the scholar of IPR law and policies from academics, enforcement and implementation agencies and industrial organization. The Seminar endeavors to provide a platform to share the diversity of knowledge of multi stakeholders in IPR development and research. The primary objectives of the Seminar is establishment of synergy, inter-disciplinary approaches and unified strategy to look at Changing Dimensions of IPR in Present Economic Perspectives. The registration fee will be as follows:

1. Private/Public Sector Organization    Rs. 1000

2. Research and Development laboratory and Academic Institutions and Non-Governmental Organization        Rs. 500

3. Research Scholars and Students          Rs. 300


Registration fees are to be paid at the venue and Registration desks.




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National Seminar


Changing Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Present Economic Perspective

[February 6 -7, 2010]

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